Sunday, July 10, 2011

Striped Seersucker Dress

This dress was made from seersucker fabric I bought at Joann's . I started by making the skirt piece long enough to wrap around my waist twice then I ruffled it and attached it to a wide waistband which closed in the back with two buttons.  The top piece was a trapezoid shape. I ruffled the top and the bottom then I attached the bottom to the waist band and the top to the collar piece that tied in the back.  This was one of my more complicated dresses, but I love all of the gathering and the summery look it has!


 Here are some pics of mine in blue, its the same seersucker fabric as Devons except a different color. This fabric was pretty cheap to begin with and then with our 50% off coupon Devon and I paid around $5 for this dress! 



  1. I like how you posted the pattern shapes, Devon.

  2. So cute! I bet it feels nice having your cast off now too D!

  3. Oh my heavens, I want the blue one as well; y'all need to start selling things.